The Star of Bethlehem - The Rest of the Story

This is my journey and search for the real "Star" of Bethlehem (Jesus)
(Please note: my journey was greatly influenced by Rick Larson's Bethlehem Star presentation. 
I highly recommend 
Rick's website.)

Ever notice at funerals how people usually assume that the deceased is in Heaven - in a
"better place"?  And when asked what they look forward to in Heaven, most people will say they are looking forward to seeing family and friends there or talking to famous people of old or escaping the world's discomforts.  Generally, I do not hear people say they are looking forward to seeing and talking with Jesus.

I look forward most to seeing Jesus and asking Him to take me on a tour of what He has created. One late afternoon in July 2013 I was outside walking by myself, and suddenly I realized that Jesus had already given me a sneak preview of that tour through my Bethlehem Star Sequel journey.

Through my extended time in His Word, the Bible, He has given me many insights that I have missed in my past casual readings of His Word. And then through the Stellarium planetarium software, He has taken me on a tour through the Heavens over time and shown me how He has so planned and orchestrated the planets and stars from the beginning of creation to relate to the timing of human events, Biblical Feast Days, and Bible verses. It has been an awesome preview tour!
It's a tour that I want to share with you. Would you like to go on a tour with Jesus?

As I think back in my years, I think it all started ...

When I was an adolescent child growing up on the farm, my dad said to me out by our machine shop, "I don't know if I will see it, but I believe you will see Jesus coming back in your lifetime."

Later at age 16, I went to a Catholic youth weekend retreat event, and I was really disappointed in the foul language the youth and the priests were using. However, I was given a Good News New Testament Bible. When I returned home, I read that New Testament from cover to cover writing down all the Bible verses that were commands into a spiral notebook. I still have that notebook - no verses about grace in it, only commands to do. Not long after finishing the book of Revelation I woke up from my first and only cold sweat nightmare where Jesus was coming back in the sky for His people. The only thing I knew to do was to recite the LORD's prayer, and then I woke up.

At 18, I went to college at Iowa State University. As I was walking back from campus one afternoon, some college kids asked if I was "born again". I had heard the term, but didn't know what it meant so I was determined to find out. Even though I had always had a spiritual interest and desire to know the LORD, it wasn't until that day in October 1979 that I came to understand what it meant to become a child of God through faith alone in Jesus Christ and what He did for me by substituting His death for mine on the cross thereby atoning for my sin by His grace so that I could have eternal life in Heaven with Him and not go to eternal hell without Him.

At 24, I was out of work and diligently searching the Bible for answers. I interviewed several pastors in the community, including our priest. When I asked Bible-related questions to our priest, he answered from church tradition, ignorance, or what he said did not match up with what I believed the Bible taught. However, my visits with several protestant pastors weren't much better as they seemed to answer from their church tradition, ignorance, or certain practices didn't seem to line up with what I read in the Bible either. I knew I had a lot to learn. I was certainly not a Bible scholar, but some things seemed so black and white and obvious that it inspired me to dig deeper.
I was convinced that I wanted to serve the LORD in obedience. At that time, I was listening to a group that I thought was trying to follow the Bible's teachings. They believed you were to worship the LORD on Saturday as that is the Jewish Sabbath day. I had an opportunity for a full-time job in my field of interest and training that required working on Saturdays. I turned it down, because I was trusting the LORD would provide a job that did not require me to work on Saturdays. Very shortly after that, a bank loan officer position opened up that required work on some Saturdays. While I was considering the opportunity and asking the LORD for His will, we attended a church in that town and the Biblically-based sermon was on why Christians were not obligated to worship on Saturday alone. I took the bank position, my family went to that church, and we grew greatly under their Bible-focused teaching.

At 27, my dad died from an unexpected and instant heart attack out by that same machine shop where he had talked to me as an adolescent about Jesus' coming. At my dad's funeral visitation, the priest read Bible passages (1 Cor. 15:48-54 & 1 Thes. 4:14-18) referring to Jesus' second coming and the "rapture" of Christ's Church. I stood up and told the people attending how my dad had said,
"I don't know if I will see it, but I believe you will see Jesus coming back in your lifetime."

At 37, my daughter was learning about the book of Revelation in Sunday school so I decided to dig in and really study what the Bible said. In the course of trying to understand and organize what I was learning, an Endtimes Overview chart was developed. The order of events came more clearly into focus, but there were no calendar dates associated with it.

At 50, in December 2011, I happened to learn about Rick Larson's story of how he discovered the Real Star of Bethlehem. It fascinated me how modern software could show the exact placement of stars and planets for thousands of years past and future. Rick talked about how total lunar eclipses were called "Blood Moons" which then led me via searches to Mark Biltz and ElShaddai Ministries where I learned how lunar and solar eclipses were related to the Biblical Feast Days. Further studies from there led me to what I have learned to this point.

This website was started in April of 2013 to document what I have been learning. What amazes me is how most everything I have learned and documented in The Star of Bethlehem - The Rest of the Story
fits beautifully into and supports my original Endtimes Overview chart. This is only a theory of what may happen. I don't claim this to be absolute truth. There are still many questions I am wondering about. Yet this seems to be beyond coincidence how all this seems to be lining up. Check it out for yourself. Use common sense and be honest with yourself. The main thing is to be watchful as the future unfolds.

It is now after the 4/4/2015 Passover and fourth blood moon of the 2014-2015 Biblical tetrad. 
I still don't know how the future will unfold.  I'm just documenting and sharing what I am learning.

I am in awe of the awesome God we serve. While I am still learning and I have a lot of unanswered questions, I feel compelled to share what I have learned so far. My hope is that you can save the decades of time that I have gone through to come up to speed very quickly, because I do indeed believe the time is coming very soon when Jesus will return, and I want to be active in encouraging people to be ready for Him with pure hearts. We need to be good stewards of the time and resources that God has given us for His kingdom. Most importantly, we need to be in a right relationship with Jesus Christ. Are you ready?

You can email me (Clayton) at: (put the word "star" in the subject line).

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