The Star of Bethlehem - The Rest of the Story


  This is my verification of The Star of Bethlehem using Stellarium software:

Jesus' possible conception, birth, and Magi visit
events in the "heavens"

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This 4.06 min video shows what was happening in the "heavens" at the possible time of Jesus' conception, birth, and Magi visit - satisfying 9 Biblical qualifications of the Star of Bethlehem.

It starts out on 9/7/3 BC with King planet Jupiter "crowning" King star Regulus the 1st time as it moves by Regulus in the constellation Leo the Lion.  Jesus is called the Lion of Judah.

The moon moves to the feet of Virgo on 9/11/3 BC The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) and she is clothed by the sun (Rev. 12:1). This could be the conception of Jesus, because 9 months later the brightest star ever is seen.

11/25/3 BC Jupiter retrogrades and reverses to crown Regulus a 2nd time.  Then 3/25/2 BC, Jupiter retrogrades again to crown Regulus a 3rd time. 

This time as the largest and King planet Jupiter moves past Regulus on it way to Virgo, it joins with the brightest and Mother planet Venus on 6/17/2 BC, 9 months after 9/11/3 BC, to form the brightest star anyone has ever seen.  This most likely was Jesus' birth.  The Magi of Jesus' time would have seen this "star" and started journeying towards it.

Jupiter then moves on to retrograde in Virgo and stops over Bethlehem
on 12/25/2 BC
 where the Magi would have visited Jesus.
* note: BC dates on screenshots are off one year since there is no "0" year between BC and AD

or from these links:

9/11/3 BC - Feast of Trumpets - Virgo and Jupiter in Leo
Read Rev. 12:1 about the woman clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet
According to video Rick Larson of The Star of Bethlehem9/11/3BC could be the possible conception date of Jesus, because look what happens 9 months later.  This happened on The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah). Notice the moon at Virgo's feet, the planets in alignment up Virgo's arm, and King planet Jupiter, joined with King star Regulus, in constellation Leo the Lion (King of Judah).  The sun is bathing Virgo in a glow of light.

6/17/2 BC - Venus and Jupiter in Leo
9 months after 9/11/3 BC you can see the biggest King planet Jupiter, near King star Regulus, in constellation Leo the Lion (King of Judah), and joined with Venus the brightest and mother planet to form the brightest "star" anyone has ever seen nor will ever see again.  The magi may have seen this "star" at Jesus' possible birth and followed Jupiter as it moved and to stop in retrogradation over Bethlehemon 12/25/2BC where they would have found Him as a 6 month old toddler.

4/3/33 - The Day Jesus Died - In the Ram
It is my understanding that Jesus, our sacrificial lamb, was crucified around 9:00 am and died around 3:00 pm Passover 4/3/33.  These planetarium software screenshots show the "world" eclipsing the "sun" for a period of 6 hours from the view of the moon which is at the constellation
 Virgo's feet.

* note: BC dates on screenshots are off one year since there is no "0" year between BC and AD

Rick Larsen shows what was happening in the "heavens" at the possible dates of Jesus video Conception, Birth, and Magi Visit in the Heavens in the Heavens using Starry Night software.

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