The Star of Bethlehem - The Rest of the Story

A Tetrad consists of 4 total lunar eclipses in a row. These total lunar eclipses are called "Blood Moons", because they are red in color.
Significant events happen in Jewish history when a tetrad falls on Jewish feast days:
1949- 50 - Israel became a nation 5/14/1948
1966- 67- Israel restored their land 6/7/1967
2014-15 - next Tetrad occurs
Notice that the 1966-67 and 2014-15 Tetrads are also connected to Jubilee years as mentioned earlier.
(4/14/32 & 10/7/32 total eclipses, 4/3/33 & 9/27/33 partial eclipses - Christ crucified on 4/3/33)
The Next Tetrad Occurs on These Jewish Feast Days:
4/15/2014 - Passover
10/8/2014 - Feast of Tabernacles
4/4/2015   - Passover
9/28/2015 - Feast of Tabernacles
Between the first "blood moon" total lunar eclipse in this tetrad and the last lies:
9/13/2015 - Feast of Trumpets (partial solar eclipse)
9/23/2015 - Day of Atonement and the day the next Jubilee begins.                      
Jews for Jesus believe that Jesus will come back some year on the Feast of Trumpets to "rapture" or catch up Christians in the air with Him
Jews for Jesus believe that Jesus will come physically to this earth some year on the Day of Atonement and on a Jubilee year to gather the Jewish people to Himself
Another Jubilee year does not occur for 49 years, and the next tetrad falling on the Jewish Feast Days does not happen for over another 500 years. story of Christopher Columbus