The Star of Bethlehem - The Rest of the Story


What the Bible has to Say About Jesus' 2nd Coming

Jesus Second Coming (pdf)
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A look at Jesus second coming through the lens of Matthew and Revelation.

The Coming Epiphany (pdf)
I do not necessarily agreee with all of this, but I do with the majority.

Last Days According to the Gospels
This is a side-by-side comparison of the gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke in regards to Jesus' 2nd coming.

Last Days Foreshadowed by Lot
Luke says, "It was the same in the days of Lot...It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed."  These verses look at the Genesis story of Lot and look at related verses in the New Testament.

Distress, Signs, Deliverance, Judgment
Ever notice how God works in patterns throughout Biblical history?  Here is a consistent pattern in regards to God's dealing with people.  See these parallel Bible references.
What does this pattern have to say about Jesus' second coming?

One Response to the Last Days
There are many responses to the Last Days one could look at.  This is just one possible response in Jesus' parable of The Persistent Widow in Luke 18.

What is the World Coming To?
A chart of Bible verses and an event-line theory regarding Jesus' 2nd coming. 
Again, this is not gospel - just something to watch to see how future events unfold.

Last Days Verses Interwoven
All the scriptures from the chart mentioned above, printed out in order.

Matthew24/Revelation Chronology

a=6, b=12, c=18 ... z=156 - See what various words total to 666

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