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My Current View of the Last Days 

I don't have the last days all figured out, however, my current view and understanding is that: 

At some point, the lawless one will cause the abomination of desolation to occur which will reveal who he really is. The Great Tribulation will begin, Christians will be persecuted and have to make a choice whether they deny Christ so they can buy and sell or to remain faithful and trust in their Messiah. The sun is darkened the moon turns blood red. 12,000 from each tribe of Israel will be sealed (is this an actual number or symbolic of all Israel?), and the rapture of true believers will occur on a Feast of Trumpets.  Over the next 10 days of Awe, Israel will recognize and repent their previous unbelief in the Messiah so that on a Day of Atonement when Jesus sets foot on the Mount of Olives, the Jews will be gathered to their Messiah where we find them protected with Christ in Rev. 14. They will enter the millennium with all the unbelievers who survived the wrath of God in the Trumpet and Bowl judgments.  Jesus will physically rule on earth during the millennium.  At the end of the Millenium there will be a new group people who have been born and had families and who have had to make a choice whether or not to honor Jesus.  Many will rebel and Jesus will bring about His final justice with only true believers entering into the rest of eternity in Heaven with Him.

AN EXPANDED VERSION - I believe the Bible talks about a period of 7 years beginning with the 7 seals in Rev. 6.  The first 4 seals will be a time of deception, wars, famine, and death. This is nothing new, but the Bible talks about how these are like birthpains that grow in intensity and frequency as birth draws near.  What do you see in the headlines lately?

Sometime between the 4th seal and the 6th seal, the time of Great Tribulation or great distress occurs.  This begins when the lawless one is revealed.  He declares himself to be God and demands to be worshipped.  The mark of the beast is required at this time in order to buy and sell - people will have to deny their faith in Jesus in order to receive the mark.  Never before in history have we had the technology and dependence on technology to be able to pull this off.  The Bible says that anyone who accepts this mark will be condemned to eternal hell.

The 5th seal believers in Jesus Christ who have been martyred for their faith are asking how long until Jesus will avenge their blood.  Jesus replies wait until all those to be killed as they were is completed.  I believe that this will be complete when Jesus raptures His Church into the air to be with Him.  At that point, there will be no more believers on the earth to martyr so the time will be present for Jesus to avenge the martyrs' blood. Any other words, judgment and God's wrath will come immediately after the rapture.

The 6th seal is where the sun is darkened and the moon turns blood red.  Many believe this will be a period of time and combination of solar and lunar eclipses that will be occurring as well as supernatural happenings by the LORD Himself.  It's a frightening time and people recognize that God's judgment and wrath are about to fall.  If you read Matthew 24, it appears this will happen shortly before the angels gather God's elect to Himself where it talks about "two men in the field; one will be taken and the other left".  Does this sound like the rapture?  Matthew 24:37 says this will be "as it was in the days of Noah" where no one was allowed into the ark of safety once judgment fell, except those God had elected beforehand.

Rev. 7:1-8 is where a remnant of unbelieving Israel is sealed - if they were believers, they would be raptured, but they are still present in Rev. 14 with Jesus so they obviously were not believers.  This mentions 144,000 servants and Rev. 14 says these are men.  I wonder if this is representative of Israel and also includes Jewish women and children the way the Old Testament sometimes provides people counts.

Rev. 7:9-16 then goes on to tell about a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language who have come out of the Great Tribulation.  I believe these are raptured believers from the time of great distress that was talked about in Matthew 24.

The 7th seal is the very next chapter in Rev. 8 we where the final seal is opened which begins the 7 trumpet judgments. I believe these begin the Day of the LORD and God's wrath which was recognized in Rev. 6.  From here on you never read about people coming to believe in Jesus.  In fact, 2 Thes. 2:9-12 says that God sends a powerful delusion so that all will believe the lie.  Then in Rev. 9, verse 4 says "only those people who did not have the seal fo God on their foreheads" were to be tortured. This references back to Rev. 7:4 the Jews who were sealed - which means anyone else besides these Jews were to be tortured.  Also, in Rev. 9, after 5 trumpet judgments of bad stuff it says "the rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent".  The same is true in Rev. 16:8-11.  It doesn't sound like there are any new believers present here.

Enventually, the 7th trumpet initiates the final 7 bowls of wrath and then the LORD comes to throw the beast and false prophet into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.  Jesus binds Satan for a thousand years then lets him loose for a short time before throwing him into the lake of fire with the beast and false prophet to be tormented forever.

I have had this basic belief for over 15 years and have been interested in the "last days" for over 30 years.  It wasn't until I saw the Star of Bethlehem that I started looking to see what God might be doing in the heavens with the stars and planets and with dates.

Most everything that I have found and documented in:,
layer upon layer, seems to support what I have just shared.

The lunar triple pair of 2010-2019 brackets a 7-year period of time.  The first total lunar eclipse occurs shortly before the 9/29/2011 Virgo constellation on the Feast of Trumpets just like when Jesus came the first time at His possible conception 9/11/3 BC according to Rick Larson.  The last total lunar eclipse occurs just after Hanukkah 12/3/2018 commemorating the establishment and dedication of the temple. 

The lunar triple pair also brackets the 2014-2015 lunar tetrad which is in the exact middle of the lunar triple.  The tetrad brackets the 9/13/2015 Feast of Trumpets and the 9/23/2015 Day of Atonement which also begins the next Jubilee year.  

This September 2015 has many significant themes, dates, and planetary events happening. It is definitely a unique time in history.  Something is going to happen!  I wonder if it will be the beginning of Daniel's 70th week (7 year period of time), and a gathering of the Jewish people to Israel.  Jubilee is all about returning to your property.

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There will not be another Jubilee year for another 49 years nor another tetrad like this for over 500 years. 

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