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Some Christians believe that Jesus will "rapture" His people on the Feast of Trumpets some year.  They believe Jesus will fulfill the Fall Feast days like He did when He fulfilled the Spring Feasts on their appointed days.  This information below gives some thought-provoking, though speculative reasons for this belief, and why one Feast of Trumpets day in particular seems to stand out.

I personally don't believe the rapture will occur on the 9/13/2015 Feast of Trumpets.

But the symbolism below is interesting.
The rapture is believed to be the "catching up" of believers in Jesus from the earth into the air to be with Him - similar to how the moon goes from Virgo's feet to be with the sun in this partial solar eclipse.
1) there is a partial solar eclipse on 9/13/2015 - Feast if Trumpets
    - like separating light from dark - believers from non-believers 
    where the moon is with the sun at the head of constellation Virgo 
    led by Jupiter the king planet in the constellation of Leo the Lion
    (similar to 9/11/3 BC at Jesus' possible conception)

    Jupiter is near Regulus, the king star in Leo, and in the same position as 6/17/2 BC
    (Jesus' possible birth date and 9 months after 9/11/3 BC)
esus is the Lion of Judah, our King of kings, and LORD of Lords

2) Messianic Jews believe that Jesus will meet the Church in the air some year on 
he Feast of Trumpets - 9/13/2015 falls on The Feast of Trumpets - (1 Thes. 4:13-18)  
    9/11/3 BC also occurred on the Feast of Trumpets

3) 9/13/2015 falls on a Sunday - Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday
    - like Husband, like Bride His Church - will the Church of Christian believers rise on a Sunday?

4) lunar eclipses are signs for the Jews, solar eclipses are signs for Gentiles (Rom. chapters 9-11)
    - a solar eclipse occurs on 9/13/2015 - the rapture will include both Christian Jews and Gentiles
    - a lunar eclipse occurs on 9/28/2015 - the Feast of Tabernacles (Rev. 14:1?)

5) the eclipse reaches its maximum at the 11th hour - (Matt. 20:1-16, 1 John 2:18-19, John 11:9-10)
  - Jesus said His Kingdom was like an employer who, at the end of the day, paid the same wage to  those who had worked all day as He did to those he hired at the 11th and final hour of the day
  - though rewards will be different, those people who believe Jesus shortly before the rapture will be  able to go to Heaven and be with Jesus the same as those who have believed in Jesus for many

6) 9/13/2015 falls within a lunar tetrad of 4 total lunar eclipses that each land on a Jewish Feast Day
7) Messianic Jews believe that non-believing Jews will turn to Jesus on the Day of Atonement which
   falls on 9/23/2015 - 10 "days of Awe" after the 9/13/2015 Feast of Trumpets and 5 days before the   Feast of Tabernacles

8) the 9/23/2015 Day of Atonement falls within the lunar tetrad along with The Feast of  

9) the Day of Atonement is exactly seven-sevens to the day from when Jerusalem was restored in the
    6-Day war on 6/7/1967 and fits the context of the verse Dan. 9:25
    (7x7x360 = 17,640 Biblical days ... 6/7/1967 + 17,640= 9/23/2015)

10) Messianic Jews believe that Jesus will return during a Jubilee year (Luke 4:16-21)
  - the Day of Atonement 9/23/2015 begins the next Jubilee
  (which only comes around every 49 years (Lev. 25:8-10))

11) when you find the middle day between the first and last of the 4 total lunar eclipses of the tetrad,
  you find that it is the same exact day as when you find the middle day between the first and last 
  of 2 lunar triples placing this tetrad in the exact middle of the lunar triples
  (a lunar triple is 3 total lunar eclipses that fall within one year)
  The middle date of the 2010-2019  triple and 2014-2015 tetrad is 1/5/2015 Epiphany Eve.  Epiphany, 1/6/2015, is a time celebrating the acknowledgement of Jesus as King, Priest, and Sacrifice

12) the first lunar triple eclipse begins shortly before Virgo appears like Rev. 12:1 on The Feast of 
  Trumpets 9/29/2011 (like it did shortly before Christ's first coming on 9/11/3 BC), and the last lunar 
  triple ends shortly after Hanukkah 12/3/2018 (1,335 days from 4/8/2015 which is the middle of the 
  Feast of Unleavened Bread Lev. 23:4-8, Dan. 9:27 and 12:11-12) encompassing the 7-year period 
  of time 2011-2018 - Hanukkah celebrates the 12/25/164 BC victory of Judas Maccabeus 
  over Antiochus  Epiphanes who typified the coming anti-christ by desecrating the temple and 
  stopping the sacrifices in June 167 BC.
13) the same pattern of the lunar tetrad exactly in the middle of a lunar triple that occurs in 
  2011-2018 also occured in 1963-1972 encompassing the 6/7/1967 6-Day war where Jerusalem  
  was restored, and also occured in 1945-1954 encompassing 5/14/1948 when Israel became a  
  nation and 1949 when Israel's borders were established.  (Another pattern like this won't occur for 
  over another 500 years) 

14) In Luke 21, Jesus talks about the generation that will see Jesus' 2nd coming. Psalm 90:10
  references a generation to 70 maybe 80 years at most. On May 14, 1948 Israel became a nation.  
  1948+70=2018 - the end of a 2011-2018 period. The 2nd Jewish temple was destroyed in 70 AD. 
11th hour 
Celestial Bethlehem Story Sequel

Some people believe the moon symbolizes the Church (believers in Jesus) and the sun symbolizes Jesus Christ since the moon has no light of its own, but only reflects what it receives from the sun. Notice how the moon is located at the feet of Virgo on 9/29/2011 Feast of Trumpets (same as 9/11/3 BC), but moves to be with the sun on 9/13/2015 Feast of Trumpets. The king planet, Jupiter, is also in the Leo the lion constellation. Jesus is from the Jewish tribe of Judah, and is called the Lion of Judah.  

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