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Over 18 years ago, my study of scripture led me to create an event-line of scriptures related to
Jesus' 2nd coming. These past few years as I have gathered and organized information on this website, it seems like everything kept supporting this event-line found at this link: or this link:

My studies of scripture at: and
supported this event-line very well.

The overall scenario seemed to be:
A period of time beginning with the seals of Revelation 6 with conquest, wars, shortages, death,
and persecutions. These have been going on since Adam and Eve, but with increasing frequency
and intensity like pregnancy and labor in the "last days" - like Jesus said they would. The great
tribulation mentioned in Revelation 7 and Matthew 24:9-28 would be like the labor.

God's coming wrath would be announced (Rev. 6:15-17), the Jews would be sealed (Rev. 7:1-8),
the believers would be raptured (Rev. 7:9-17), and judgment would fall (generally Rev. 8:1-19:21).

As I continued to gather information, dates started filling in which all seemed to fit this scenario:

the Bethelehem star story - what I call the celestial story -

the blood moons

the harbingers and Shemitah

the relevance of the feast days

the Passion week

and events in the news regarding Iran, Israel, and the United States.

The events happening in our news could lead one to believe that we are in the time of the first 5 seals of Revelation 6 right now.

So what is the quandary?

For sometime now, it seemed like the rapture could possibly happen the fall of 2015. Obviously, that hasn't happened.  For that to happen, I felt something significant had to happen by 2015 Passover, but nothing did.  Nothing to usher in the 2nd 3.5 years of Daniel's 70th week: no temple built, no sacrifices started or stopped, no appearance of an antichrist, no abomination, no 2 witnesses appearing prominently, no mark being introduced

If these started April 8, 2015 in the middle of Passover, then all the significance of the 9/13/2015 Feast of Trumpets,
9/23/2015 Day of Atonement, and 9/28/2015 Feast of Tabernacles all fit very well. 1,260 days after 4/8/2015 fell exactly
on 9/19/2018 Day of Atonement when the bowl judgments could begin and 1,335 days (Dan. 12:11-12) would fall exactly
on 12/3/2018 which is Hanukkah and celebrates the defeat of Antiochus Epiphanes the prototype of the coming antichrist.
  These dates had interesting things happening in the constellations at the same time, and they all fit within the current blood moon tetrad and triples. So now what?

Mark Biltz, who discovered the blood moon tetrad patterns, and Jonathan Cahn, who discovered the harbinger/Shemitah pattterns, both believe the fall of 2015 could be the beginning of 7 years of tribulation. The typical view is that a peace treaty would be signed with Israel, then 3.5 years later the abomination would occur, the treaty would be broken, and the great tribulation would start then.
Pre-tribulation proponets believe the rapture precedes the beginning of that 7-year period of time.

The problem I have with that view is that scripturally the rapture seems to happen after the Great Tribulation. (see and

And if the 7 years started the fall of 2015, nothing of significance seems to happen with the feast days or celestial bodies in the following 3.5 or 7 year time frames. The Jubilee year and Shemitah year will be past with all of their meaning. The future eclipses will be uneventful in their timing.  The Daniel 9:25-27 timing would not apply (17,640 days from 6/7/1967-9/23/2015). The significance of the Day of Atonement in a Jubilee year and its relationship to the trumpet judgment may not apply. The significance of the 2015 relationship to Epiphany wouldn't mean anything outside of the 2015 convergence of events.

I know that I am missing something and/or that my personal filters are clouding my understanding of what I have discovered.

In each of the last 3 blood moon tetrads there was a gaining of new land and/or a resulting movement of the Jewish people - 1493-94 Jews to America, 1949-50 Jews to their new nation with newly established borders, and 1966-67 Jerusalem was regained and borders were expanded.

Jubilees are about the Jews returning to their land (Lev. 25:10-13).  The last 2 Jubiless have found the Jews expanding their borders.  In the 1917-18 Jubilee year, Great Britain signed the Balfour declaration designating an area of Palestine a Jewish state and home of Zionism although under British rule.  In the 1966-67 Jubilee year, Israel retook Jerusalem in the 6-day war and greatly expanded its borders. 
2015-16 ???

I'm beginnng to think the convergence of so many things the fall of 2015 is more about a gathering of the Jewish people to Israel that begins with the coming Jubilee year which starts on the Day of Atonement 9/23/2015.  And about a time in general of Jesus about to return to the earth. Is there a difference between the events and timing of Rev. 12:6 and Rev. 12:14? Do these verses refer to the beginning and middle of Daniel's 70th week (7 years)?

I would appreciate any insights you have to offer.

Please email me at: with quandary in the subject line.

Thank you.

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